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APA PsycTherapy: A Brief User Guide

APA PsycTherapy

APA PsycTherapy stock photo of studying manPsycTherapy is the American Psychological Association's database of more than 550 candid, unscripted streaming videos amounting to hours of psychotherapy demonstrations. All videos are accompanied by searchable transcripts, and videos play back at the same time as the transcripts scroll. APA PsycTherapy is a special database whose confidential content must be treated with care, and at every login users are prompted to read a disclaimer and agree to the terms of use provided.

The purpose of this guide is to provide some information on how to best use the database to search for, browse, and find videos, search their transcripts, and make use of the features of the database that allow you to make and share clips and playlists. 


APA PsycTherapy @ Saybrook is provided on the APA PsycNet platform.