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Test Kits & Psychological Assessments


When do we let the library know what physical kits we will need for our assessment courses?

Any scoring usages should be requested by the Department Chair or Assessment Course Lead no later than a month before the start of a term. 

This request must be made using the Digital Scoring Usage Request form that can be found in the left-hand side navigation menu.

When should we request digital scoring usages for assessment courses?

The Library requests that Assessment Course leads to inform the library of their physical kit needs no later than a month in advance in order to prepare and prep materials. Please use the Test Kit request form on the left-side navigation menu.

Who inputs students into Q-Global and PARiConnect?

For Q-Global: The University Library inputs all student accounts prior to the fall term into Cohort Subaccounts within their department. If there is a late registration, faculty are encouraged to add a student to the appropriate cohort account.  

For PariConnect: Faculty are responsible for inputting their students into PARiConnect. 

Please refer to the Training and Demonstrations page on the left-side navigation menu for information on how to utilize Q-Global. 

Is digital scoring available for practicum or internship students?

No, the University Library does not provide students in Practicum or Internship access to digital scoring. This should be provided to students by their Practicum or Internship site.

Who inputs faculty into Q-Global and PARiConnect?

Q-Global: Any department chair or assessment course lead can add additional faculty to their Department Q-Global Account

PARiConnect: Please request an account by using the form on the left-side navigation menu. 


What are Pearson Clinical Assessment Class Packs?

Pearson Clinical Assessment Class Packs are offered through Pearson Assessment for the digital administration and scoring of some of their tests. The Class Packs are broken down into different content areas. For digital scoring purposes, if the item is available through a Course Pack, the Library will not purchase usages and instead requires that an assessment Course lead submit the Class Pack roster form on behalf of all of the assessment sessions that they lead.

Please Review the information in the table below for more information about Class Packs and to download a roster form.

Class Packs Roster Forms should be submitted to the library through the Digital Scoring Usage Form. Do not worry about the Q-Global account number when filling out the form, the Library includes that information when it submits all Class Packs to Pearson.

Clinical Assessment Tools FAQs (Available Test List) Clinical Roster Form
Speech & Language assessment tools FAQs (Available Test List) Speech-Language Roster Form
Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy Assessment Tools FAQs (Available Test List) Occupational Therapy Roster Form
School Psychology Assessment Tools FAQs (Available Test List) School Psychology Roster Form
Social Work Assessment Tools FAQs (Available Test List) Social Work Roster Form

How do I request a Q-Global Account

Faculty interested in a Q-Global or PARiConnect Account must fill out the appropriate form on the left side of this page.


How do I add students to my PARiConnect Account (1 at a time)?

If you are an Account Supervisor (Faculty member), PARiConnect allows you to add clinicians (students) who, in turn, can add Clients and Groups of Clients. To add a clinician, click Clinicians in the top menu bar, then select the +Add Clinician button. You will be asked for the clinician's name and email address and their user role: Clinician/Psychologist or Research/Office Assistant. The default permissions for each user type will automatically appear; you will be able change them later in Account Management section. Click Add to automatically send the clinician an email that includes instructions and a link to accept the invitation to join PARiConnect. You will receive an email after the clinician has set up their account.

How do I import clinicians to PARiConnect from an Excel file?

To import clinicians, information must be in a .csv file format. This type of file can be opened in Microsoft Excel or any text-handling software, such as Microsoft Notebook, as well as most statistics programs like SPSS.

The required fields for import are First Name, Last Name, and Email. Be careful to avoid any characters such as quotation marks or invalid email formats. The file will display one clinician per row. In each row, the data is entered in order, one at a time, into each cell.

See below for example:

A sample file is available for download from the Import Clinicians screen.

*Note: It is strongly encouraged to use the sample file as a template for creating an import file to avoid issues during the import process

To invite multiple clinicians at once:
  1. Create a .csv file with the format as described above.
  2. Under Account Management, click the Clinicians tab, then the Import Clinicians button. You can also do this by selecting Clinicians in the top menu bar.
  3. Browse for the file you want to import by clicking on the Choose File (CSV) button. In the open dialog box, choose your file, then click Open. The screen will display the file name to be uploaded; click the Read File button to import.
  4. The clinician info will appear on your screen in separate data fields. The fields can all be edited on-screen to correct misspelled names or make other changes. Any errors in formatting will show the data box outlined in red and the reason for the error will appear on the right side of the screen under the Error column.
  5. After making any changes to the data, click the Import Clinicians button to send the email invitations to all listed clinicians. Confirmation text will appear showing that PARiConnect has emailed an invitation to the person(s) at the specified email address(es).

From this Clinicians tab you can also see the status of invited clinicians, reset their passwords, edit their level of permissions, delete pending invites, and archive inactive clinicians using the corresponding buttons next to their name.

How do I distribute Inventory to my students in PARiConnect?

The steps outlined below should help with distributing your iadmins and scoring usages to students in PARiConnect,

  1. First Add students to PARiConnect
  2. Return to the PARiConnect homepage (the first screen you see when you log-in)
  3. On the right side of the screen there should be a pink triangle and hyperlink that should say "Distribute Uses". Click on that link.
  4. On the Screen that opens, look for the "Choose Source" dropdown. Choose the appropriate account bucket.
  5. Then add the number of usages that you need for each student.
  6. Then under the "Choose Destination" Dropdown select the student's name.
  7. Click the "Distribute Uses" button at the bottom of the screen. 
  8. Repeat until the usages are all distributed to the students. (If a student's name doesn't show up in the Destination dropdown, it is because they have not finished setting up their account)