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BrowZine & LibKey Nomad

What is BrowZine?

Use BrowZine to:

  •     Browse scholarly journals at The Chicago School Library by subject categories
  •     Search for known journals by title or ISBN.
  •     Review current tables of contents
  •     Read/download full articles.
  •     Access in-press articles, when available.

Create a personal account to:

  •     Create up to four bookshelves of four titles each.
  •     Create a curated list of articles.
  •     Sync between the web and mobile app versions.
  •     Receive new article alerts.

What you CANNOT find in BrowZine:

  • It does not include a function for searching within or across journals.
  • Older issues of journals, even if  The Chicago School Library has a subscription. Only journal issues from 2005 and newer are available via BrowZine. Clicking on the "See All"  link in Browzine will take you back to the Library Journals Search  if you need something that's older.
  • Non-journal publications such as newspapers, popular magazines, and books.
  • Not all journals subscribed to by The Chicago School Library are accessible via BrowZine.

How to Access BrowZine


Once the app has been installed, you will be asked to Choose a Library.


  • Through the Library: Use the  Browse Journals link in OneSearch:


Additional Features

New Articles -  The number of unread articles since the last time you logged into BrowZine will be indicated in red next to each title on your bookshelf.

Articles in Press: Many publishers make articles available before they are formally assigned to a volume and issue. When looking at an individual journal page, if articles in press are available, they will display in a separate, Articles in Press section to the left, above the issue list.

Actions from Table of Contents 

Download PDF - some publishers provide this capability

Link to Article - Go to article when available 

Save to my Articles - Create account in order to save a list of articles.

Export Citation - save citation to Zotero, Mendeley, BibTeX, RefWorks, EndNote RIS, Universal RIS

Share - Click for a sharable URL and share to social media sites.