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Library Feedback, Assessment, & ROI

Suggesting Acquisitions to the Library

This form is for members of The Chicago School Community to suggest resources for the library to explore for possible acquisition. This form does not guarantee the library will acquire a resource but allows us to track interest and demand in specific resources. The more an item is requested, the more likely the library will explore the feasibility of acquisition.

One-Time Purchases:

One-time purchases (like books) depend on the Library's current annual budget. As a Digital First Library, we purchase books as eBooks when available. Physical texts will be purchased only if no digital alternative exists and the copy will be maintained at our Chicago location and shipped to other locations as requested.

Annual Subscriptions & Licenses: 

Annual subscription requests (like databases, journals, streaming services or data collection software) require more advanced exploration. They will not be acquired in an ongoing fiscal period. The acquisition is based on the upfront cost of the initial license and the long-term sustainability of maintaining the license.