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Finding Tests and Measures

Resources and tips for finding tests or measurements in behavioral sciences, business and education.

Use the resources listed below to browse for tests on a specific topic, or identify a particular test or measure for your dissertation research, or for use as a practitioner. These resources also provide descriptive information about tests and measures such as reviews, norms, validity and reliability, and other psychometric properties.


Identifying a Test for Your Dissertation

Finding the right measure to use for your dissertation research can sometimes be a process, requiring time and patience. As you search for potential tests or measures to use for your dissertation, consider the following:


  • Is the test appropriate for the particular population you are studying?
  • is the level of reliability/ validity for the test appropriate?
  • is the length (time needed to administer the measure) appropriate for your study?
  • Is it available? (if uncertain, have a backup in case you are unable to obtain the instrument needed)
  • is there a cost associated with using the test?

There are a few approaches you can take to identify an appropriate test or measure to use for your dissertation.

1)  Search the literature

This is often the best way to approach identifying an appropriate test or measure to use for your dissertation. Searching the literature means finding other studies that are related to your topic, and then determining if the authors used a test or instrument in that study by reading the Abstract or the "Methods" section in the article. It's helpful to understand how the constructs you are interested in have been measured in other studies. For example, while exploring the topic of employee burnout , read articles and take note of which burnout tests are used in these studies and why. This may then help you choose which burnout measure to use in your own study.

PsycINFO is a good database to use for this purpose. If a tests and measures used in a study, the entry for that article in PsycINFO will list those tests in the abstract/details of the article, and is also searchable in the Tests/ Measures limiter in the Advanced Search.

2)  Search/ browse test databases by topic/ area of interest

Another approach is to simply search the databases that specifically index tests and measures. Use the Find Information about Tests & Measures section below to search or browse for tests and measures on a topic.


Finding Information about Tests & Measures


Databases with information about published tests:

The following databases index information about commercially published tests, including reviews and bibliographies of studies that have used the tests.

Note: ETS includes both published and non-published tests and measures.

Databases with information about unpublished tests:

The databases below describe tests and measures. They vary by kind of tests included and amount of information about each test provided. 

Finding Information about the Psychometric Properties of Tests

The databases listed above are good places to search for information about the psychometric or other properties of tests.

Journals sometimes publish articles that investigate the validity or reliability of a test or measure. In most databases, to find articles discussing the validity or reliability of a measure, type the following into the search:

Line 1: the name of the instrument  (place quotation marks around the test title to tell the database to search the words in that exact order)

Line 2:: validity OR reliability

Screenshot of search box in PsycINFO using validity or reliability as keywords


The following databases are good places to search for these types of articles:

  • PsycINFO
  • ERIC