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ROI Calculator

How Much do you Benefit From Using the Library?

Based on FY22 Data

Estimated Yearly Benefit:


To find out how much value you receive from the Library, complete the following survey... You may be surprised!

How often do you use the library and its services, including the library's website and digital resources?

In the time period selected above, how many of each item/service listed below do you typically take advantage of?
For example, if you selected "Weekly" above, and you download an article 3 days a week, put the number 3 in the appropriate box below.

Study @ the Library for 60 Minutes $11.52 $0
Ask a Research Question via our 24/7 Chat Service or in Person $60.94 $0
Use the Library's Research Guides and Website $41.78 $0
Research Consultation with a Librarian $54.00 $0
Use A Print Textbook On Reserve $59.00 $0
View or download an eBook $120.00 $0
Download and Read a Full-Text Article from the Library $30.00 $0
View a video from Library Streaming Platforms (Kanopy, Alexander Street Press, etc.) $5.00 $0
Request a Book from Interlibrary Loan $75.00 $0
Request an article from Interlibrary Loan $30.00 $0
Use a Desktop Computer $5.00 $0
Use a Test Kit or Psychological Assessment (This doesn't include the Forms or Consumables) $665.00 $0
Test Kit or Psychological Assessment Forms, Consumables and Online Scoring $10.00 $0
My Benefit: $0