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International Psychology

                            About Journal Articles

Library databases (also known as "indexes") identify journal articles published on a particular topics. In addition to journal articles, many databases will also include records for book chapters, dissertations, and other reports. 

Best Bets: Top Databases for Journal Articles in International Psychology

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More Databases with Psychology Content

Subject Databases

Topics in Psychology may overlap with other complementary subjects. It may be useful to search within a multidisciplinary database/index, or other subject specific databases.

Multidisciplinary Databases

Finding Literature Reviews

The following are journals that publish literature reviews in psychology.  Also consult reference books and encyclopedias to find articles that review the literature on a topic.

Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Psychological Bulletin

In addition to the above resources, use PsycINFO to find literature review articles. Limit you search under "Methodology" on the Advanced Search page:


Or, use the keywords "Literature Review" or "Review" in your search if using other databases without this limiter.