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Library Accessibility

What Are Assistive Technologies?

Assistive technology is an umbrella term covering the systems and services related to the delivery of assistive products and services.

Assistive Technologies at the Library

  • ReaderPen and Exam Pens (Being Piloted in Chicago)
    The Chicago location is currently piloting new assistive technology, ReaderPens, in conjunction with the ADA Student Support Counselor.
  • Kurzweil
    Kurzweil is an assistive technology that is available to every student at TCSPP. Kurzweil 3000 is educational technology assisting with reading, comprehension, writing, assignments, and exams. Operating on multiple platforms, including desktop, iPad, online, and within Google Chrome, Kurzweil provides students, staff, and faculty with tools to organize, notate, read aloud, comprehend, translate, and cite research articles and books. While utilizing Kurzweil’s writing tools, students can increase their vocabulary and writing style to better meet the requirements of their program, whether undergraduate or graduate.