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Circulation and Borrowing Policies


The Library’s system is set up to automatically send out reminders and overdue notices.  The Notices are a courtesy.  Failure to receive a notice does not release a borrower from the responsibility of returning materials or any of the fines or fees that have accrued during that period.


All library materials are given a due date upon check out and library borrowers are expected to return materials on time. Some items, excluding test kits, may be renewed online on or before the original due date.

Recalled Items

Any item that has been recalled is subject to an additional fine of $1 per day after a 7 day grace period to return the item.

Lost Items

Lost Item Fee

After 30 days, any materials that have neither been renewed or returned to the library are considered lost.  A borrower who has lost an item is subject to a standard $125 lost-item fee up to the cost of the replacement and an additional $25 processing fee, unless the borrower elects to supply a replacement copy of the lost material in which case only the $25 processing fee will be collected

If the item is returned before the library has started the process to replace it, the lost-item fee will be dropped though any fines on an item will remain.  If the item is found after the library has already paid for a replacement, a partial refund of the replacement cost will be provided.  Individuals can supply a replacement copy of an item if they choose, but the copy is subject to the approval of the University Librarian (or an individual designated by the University Librarian).

Any lost equipment will result in a lost-item fee equal to the entire purchase cost of the equipment lost in addition to an additional processing fee of $25.

Claims Returned

The University Library makes every attempt to check-in materials upon their return from the borrower.  Any borrower that receives an overdue notice on materials that they believe that have been returned are asked to notify the library as soon as possible.  The library staff will check the stacks three times during a two-month period.  If the library staff is unable to locate the material, the borrower will be held responsible for the cost of the lost materials.

Paying Fines and Fees


Students wishing to pay their fines and fees on items are able to do so from the student accounts portal.

Faculty/Staff/Adjunct Faculty

All faculty and staff fines will be billed and payment remitted to their corresponding department to process fines and fees.

Alumni and Guest/Courtesy Borrowers

Alumni and Guests with fines can pay by check.  Substantial fines or fees may be sent to a collection agency.

Loss of Library Borrowing Privileges

After there is an accumulated $50 of fines (or fees) on an account, a borrower’s ability to check-out physical material will be suspended.

Any borrower with a Lost Item will have their ability to check-out physical material will be suspended until the item is returned in good condition or the fine/fee is paid.

Additionally, any borrower with an overdue Interlibrary Loan item will lose the ability to check-out physical material will be until the Interlibrary loan item is returned.