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Information for other Libraries

The Chicago School Library is a library very eager to share. Materials are generally retrieved within 24 hours of receipt. Book loans are sent via USPS.  Articles will be sent via RapidILL.

The Chicago School Library is not currently a participant in OCLC's interlibrary loan services (Worldshare Interlibrary Loan, Tipasa, or ILLiad).


Items Available for Request

The Chicago School Library only lends physical items from its main stacks located at its Chicago Campus location. We are very happy to provide assistance in digital sharing wherever we can within the bounds of current copyright and licensing agreements.

Lost Items/ Replacement Items

The requesting library is responsible for borrowed materials from the time they leave The Chicago School Library until they have been returned and received by The Chicago School Library. The requesting library is also responsible for any damage that occurs to an item.

The Chicago School Library provides two options: 

  1. Invoice for the lost item (standard rate of $125 plus a $25 processing charge)
  2. Replacement of lost/damaged item with the same edition or newer of a given item

The Chicago School Library prefers the second option over the first.